Floor Services

Polishing, Waxing, Sweep, Mop

Keeping floors clean, dry and slip-free is essential, particularly in work environments where employees are often on their feet, such as warehouses, retail and factories. 

Carpet Services

Read about carpet cleaning services & more

Vacuum, Shampoo, Stain Treatment - Carpet can be particularly difficult to maintain. It can often harbor dust and other allergens, and is prone to wear and stains. Our industrial vacuums and professional stain treatment will keep your carpet looking new while improving interior air quality.

Clean Work Area

Cleaning and Disinfecting of Work area

Especially important in keeping employees healthy, we don’t miss a spot when it comes to sanitizing common touch-point areas in the workplace. This includes areas which receive heavy public usage – such as a brochure rack, phones, or a waiting room table.

Dusting Services

Dust Busters!

Dust piles up quick. Krystal Klear is careful to get those hard to reach places, such as the top of a bookcase, or behind a desk. Dusting is crucial in maintaining a clean, professional look as well as air quality.

Window Cleaning

Keep Window Smudge & Smear Free

Windows are especially prone to smudges and smears. Krystal Klear can quickly and effectively keep glass looking transparent and shiny. Have hard to reach places – or offices with glass walls or doors? No problem. Our professional window cleaning equipment makes it easy.

Bathroom Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning and Disinfecting

A definitely crucial area to keep clean and pleasant, Krystal Klear keeps restrooms gleaming, sanitized, odor-free and presentable.

Supplies Restocking

Replenishment of Paper Products

A time-saving service that will keep your work area and restrooms fully stocked. We supply environmentally friendly paper products.

Special Request

Additional Maintenance by Request

We strive to meet all of our customers specific needs - When you contact us, we will strive to create a maintenance plan which will incorporate all of your organization’s unique requirements. Our estimates are prepared with great care, to give you outstanding service and value.